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Importance of Having a Survival Kit

Do you ever think about your survival when one day you wake up in the midst of turbulent floods? Some people don’t but this is a mistake you may have to learn from it the hard way. A survival kit is a very crucial life saviour when you are not in a position to do things at you liberty. 

Why should you have a survival kit?

For those who have never faced a life threatening disaster, it would be hard to imagine how helpful survival supplies would be the only straw they can cling on. Here is how far the simple components can go in ensuring not only your survival but also shield you from physical and psychological harm;

  • Basic survival-During an emergency, it can last you 72 hours before you get any assistance. What would you be doing if the chances for help may take a day or 2? Emergency supplies will keep you safe and you will not act out of panic to worsen the already dire situation. 
  • It is a way of preparing for the unforeseen circumstances-You would never know how long the floods or whatever disaster you are facing may last. Having survival tools overcomes the odds of having a rough time before things get back to normal.
  • Minimizes the damage done-With survival components, the damage may not be as severe as it would be with your bare hands. 


It would be an important question to ask what should be included in the survival collection. Here are the basic things that must be included:

Fresh drinking water: When disasters such as floods come by, it is difficult to get safe drinking water. You will need it in your survival kit because water is essential for our survival. While we can go days without food, without water our bodies shut down which can lead to serious health issues.

Dehydrated food: If you're looking for food that will last for days without going stale, dehydrated food is for you. You are in short of food supply and if you can have dry food to last the better for your situation. You can aslo choose to purchase food dehydrators in order to dry your own fruits and veggies. 

Shelter: Adverse weather elements such as heat, coldness or wind will need you to be under the safety of a shelter. Tents are the most versatile kinds of shelter and you should have them for emergency.

Basic medical supplies: There are general medical supplies that you may need for emergency. Things like pain relievers must be in your supplies as well as bandages and burn aid/cream. You should have a medical aid kit in your car, in your home, and at work. You never know when disaster will strike so be prepared for it!

Weapons- Survival tools and weapons are also essential in your kit. You need to be able to have tools that will be utilized daily such as knives, an axe or gun for hunting.

You should not go bare knuckles to face a disaster. A survival kit will be such an indispensable companion that will ensure your safety. It is not effortless to have one at home or office so make sure to get one today.